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Leftover Bake

If you followed Munching Madness, then you already know of my penchant for re-making leftovers into something different and delicious.  If not, you will soon see. 
There was a ton of turkey leftover from my last stock-making fiasco.  In addition, I had a cup or two of brown rice waiting to be used up.  When I was cleaning out the fridge I threw them into a bowl to save room, assuming I would make something yummy with them later.  Boy, was I right!
I decided a casserole was in order.  It is cold cold cold here in NJ, and warm comforting meals are in order.  To start, I copped up a heaping cup of carrots and celery.  It went into a pan with lots-o-butter and 3 enormous cloves of garlic (chopped).
When they were starting to soften and smell good, I added chopped up parsley, salt, pepper, and about 3 T of flour. 
A little more butter was added and it was mixed together.  I probably should have let it cook a little longer, but I got impatient.
The liquid was added next.  3/4 cup stock and 1/2 cup milk went on in and the stove was turned up to medium/high.
When it came to a boil, it was mixed together with the turkey and rice in a Pyrex dish.
It was covered with some tin foil and baked at 350* for 10 minutes (until it was warm).

 HOLY COW!  I can’t even believe how yummy this was.  I would eat this all.  the.  time.  It is THAT good.  Try it!

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Turkey and Rice Soup

Now that you have seen the awesome bread bowls I made, here is the super easy soup that went with them! 
1.  Bring Turkey stock and brown rice to a boil in a big pot.
2.  When the rice is tender, add a bunch of turkey leftover from making stock.  
3.  Add in chopped up carrots and chopped up celery.  Other ingredients are totally allowed, but that’s all I felt like putting in.  Season as needed.
4.  Serve in a bread bowl, perhaps with John’s favorite garlic bread and a salad. 
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Egg Rolls Part 2- Filling and Cooking

Part 2 of 2 in Egg Rolls.  For Part 1, click here!
When we last left off, we had created the wonton wrapping and rolled it out.  It was waiting somewhat patiently to be filled.
The filling was made of things I had lying around the house.  I started by slicing… 
…and dicing some celery. 
Carrots were also sliced and diced.  They were added in with more or less 2 cups of shredded up turkey.  Chicken, pork, beef, or other veggies would also work.  I just happened to have massive amounts of turkey left from a stock-making escapade. 
All of those chopped up thaaangs were combined with 2 eggs and 1 egg white.  I probably should have used the yolk instead, but I wasn’t paying attention and the white slipped out. 
IMPORTANT NOTE!!  Add seasonings here.  Especially salt.  I forgot to, and while the end product was still super duper awesome, it would have been enormously less bland with seasonings.
Now comes the fun part!  Scoop out the filling, and add it to the wonton wrappers.  I like to place it toward the bottom of the wrapper. 
To wrap it, I fold in the bottom part, then the sides, then roll it all up.  Seal the edges up with the remaining egg.  I used the yolk ’cause I am silly, but the white would work better, most likely. 
They are now ready to be cooked.  I placed them in a pan with veggie oil and lightly fried them.  That gave them a great color.  I forgot to take photos, though, because they were so yummy.