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Cheesey Steak

When I was planning out our menu for the week, I was struck with sudden inspiration.  CHEESE STEAKS! 
When I was chopping up onions for the week, I sliced 2 into rings.  Then, I put them onto the stove for a looooong time in some butter.  
I defrosted some grass-fed beef and John sliced it up for us.  
 Then, he cooked it in the grill pan with some more butter.  
In the meantime, I sliced up some garlic herb raw cheddar.  
When the meat was just about cooked, I layered the sliced cheese and cooked onions on top.  
Check out the gooey goodness!
I opened up a jar of home made lacto-fermented pickles for the occasion!  
The cheesey steaks were served on my sandwich bread, with pickles and roasted peppers that John made on the side.