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Peanuty Popcorn

In addition to the Infused Oils shared yesterday, we also made some Peanuty Popcorn as a gift.  This was a gift for a certain honey-and-peanut butter addict.  We typically give him some of our home made peanut butter sweetened with honey, but it was time to change it up.  When I saw this recipe, I was sold.  We changed up the proportions a bit after the first batch.  
Yes.  We had to make a few batches because our “taste tests” somehow made the entire first batch disappear.  
I’ll let you check the recipe out yourself and make your own tweaks.  Here are the photos, though!
Assemble ingredients.
Melt ingredients.
Mix ingredients.
Pop popcorn.
Pour topping over popcorn.
Allow to dry and DEVOUR.  Or story.  Whatever.
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Infused Oil

Every year John and I give home made gifts to my extended family.  We have done various cookies, of course, and last year we ventured into coasters.  That worked really well, and we needed something just as awesome for this year.  We settled on infused oils.  I had made them a few times before and it turned out really well, so it was sure to be a hit.  
Want to know how I made it?
First, I put a mix of olive and veggie oil in a pan with a heap o’ red pepper flakes in. 
I warmed it over a VEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRY low heat until the aroma started to fill the kitchen.  Then I poured it through a cheesecloth-lined sieve into a bowl.
The finished oil had a beautiful red-orange tinge. 
It was funneled into beautiful bottles.
I don’t have a photo of the finished products with the cute tags, but they were a big hit!


Breakfast Buffet

In my family, the fall is full of birthdays.  While that is super fun, it is also super busy.  It is hard to make time for everyone to feel special and to be given their own day.  This year was especially challenging, because we had my grandfather’s 85th birthday celebration on the same weekend as my father’s birthday.  I wanted to do something to recognize my dad’s day, but there are only so many nights that everyone can get together for dinner.  My solution?
Breakfast buffet!
On Sunday morning, my parents arrived at our house. 
The granola/yogurt station was set up.  (Home made granola/yogurt, dried bananas/cranberries/pinapples/strawberries/coconut/pomegranate seeds, walnuts, pecans, local honey, maple syrup, and agave nectar)
The fruit appetizer platter was constructed. (Starfruit, kiwis, and strawberries)

The pancakes were mixed and ready for their add-ins. (My not-so-secret mix recipe that I will share someday, if you are lucky.  The add-ins were the same choices as for the granola.)

The eggs were waiting to become omelets. (Pastured eggs with your choice of raw mozzarella, raw cheddar, tomatoes, kale, mushrooms, and/or onions)

I manned the electric griddle flippin’ pancakes…
While John handled the eggs.
 The finished products were customized for each person!  I apologize for the shadow-ey photos.  It was very early, and very bright. 
It was such an easy (and inexpensive!) way to celebrate his birthday.  He got a delicious home-cooked breakfast customized to his tastes.  We all got to enjoy time together without having to rush home from work to make it to dinner reservations.  All in all, it was a win!

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