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Cheesey Broccoli Bite Re-do

Last March I attempted to make Cheesey Broccoli Bites, but I forgot an important ingredient.  They were still delicious, but I never tried to make them again.  Last week, I was making a list of foods that would be good to make now and freeze for after the baby comes, and I remembered this.  I made it again, doubling the recipe, and stuck them in the freezer.  
First, I shredded up a 1/2 lb of raw milk cheddar.
Then, I added in tons of frozen broccoli.
Once it was all shredded and chopped, It went into a huge bowl with breadcrumbs, eggs, and some sea salt.
I shaped them into meatball-type bites, and froze them on a cookie sheet.  Once I bake them, I’ll let you know how they come out!
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Freezer Waffles

I realized the other day that I don’t use our waffle maker enough.  I loved waffles, and so does John, so I decided to make a bunch and then freeze them for our weekend breakfasts.  
The recipe I used I had jotted down AGES ago, but never made.  I started by melting down 3T of butter and 3T of coconut oil. 
While that melted, I beat together 2 eggs and added in 2 cups of milk. 
Next, 2 cups of WW pastry flour, 1 t baking soda, 1/2 t salt, and 1 t baking powder jumped into the bowl.
By then, the butter and coconut oil had melted.
Finally!  The batter was done!  I sprayed the waffle maker with olive oil (with our Misto sprayer… LOVE it!)
1/2 cup at a time, I poured it into the waffle maker.  It created the world’s more perfect waffles.
After they cooled, I put them on a baking sheet to freeze.  When we were ready to eat them, I stuck them in the convection oven until they were ready.  Check them out (with an orange and bacon).


Sweet Potater-tots

MMmmmmmm…. Sweet potatoes!  I love ’em in any form, but this recipe was a new one for me.  Based upon this post at Fab Frugal Food, it is not only delicious, but also easy to make and freezer-friendly! 
I started out with 4 potatoes.  
 I sliced them up so they would fit into the food processor, but I didn’t peel them.  It is too much work and I kinda like the skins.  
Slowly, they were jammed into the food processor to be shredded.
FYI, I doubled the recipe right off the top.  It made for a LOT of shredded potatoes.  
Then, I baked the shreds in the oven to dry them out a bit.
While they baked, I gathered together some spices.  I also found some cornstarch and flour to help bind the lil’ tots together.  
When the shreds were a little drier, I threw them into a (much bigger!) bowl with the seasonings.  
John helped out by shaping the potato-spice mixture into little golf-ball sized tots.  We froze some just like that, and the rest we fried in coconut oil.  
Wow, wow, wow… and I am not talking about my lack of photography skills!  These little suckers were deeeeelish.  Bigger than traditional tater tots, and a bit sweet, these hit the spot.  Having a bunch ready to defrost and eat later is a bonus, too!

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Cheesey Broccoli Bite Fail!

So.  This isn’t really a faaaaiiiill per say, because it is still really yummy.  It is more of a “failure to read” on my part.  I just realized this as I re-read the recipe in order to post it.  Let me explain…
You may have noticed my love for our new freezer.  We keep it well-stocked with all kinds of goodies and are always on the lookout for new ideas.  I stumbled upon this recipe for Broccoli and Cheese Nuggets and I was sold. 
First, I shredded up lots of raw milk cheddar cheese.  

Then, I added in 3 eggs.

1 big bag of frozen broccoli got chopped up and added in.

Then, I mixed it all together.

The mixed up yumminess was formed into nuggets and frozen.  The problem was, they didn’t really stay together.

We did bake a few of them to see how they were.  They were supposed to bake at 375*  for 15 minutes, get flipped, and bake for 10 more minutes.  Check out the original recipe to see what they were SUPPOSED to look like.  Ours didn’t look like that.  In fact, we couldn’t flip them at all.  They just cooked for about a half hour on one side and we called it a day.

Tasty like crazy, yes.  Nuggets, no.  Not at all.  In fact, they tasted like this!!

As I read the original recipe, I realized that we didn’t add the breadcrumbs!  The original recipe called for BREADCRUMBS.  I feel so silly, but I had to share it.  I can’t be the only person that does ridiculous things like this, and I want you to know, you are not alone!

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Frozen Fun!

Continuing with yesterday’s fill the freezer theme, I wanted to let you in on a few other things I have been making in large batches to freeze.  
Meat-free macaroni sauce
Same as the the one with gravy meat, but, well, without meat.  First, I browned garlic in butter and added tomato paste.  Then I added tomato sauce, water and spices and let it boil down.  When it was cool, into the jars it went.  For more details, check out the gravy meat post. 
Pizza Dough Batches
I also made a bunch of pizza dough to freeze.  I made this pizza dough recipe and doubled it twice.  They were individually wrapped up and frozen.  I’m not posting pics, because it was the same as the other recipe and that would be boring.  
The freezer is starting to really shape up! 
What do you freeze?

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