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Saffron Orzos

I had a 2 coupons for free boxes of macaroni.  Now, if you could see our pantry right now, you would know we have a LONG position in macaroni.  Unfortunately, I can’t pass up free macaroni.  I decided to use the coupons to get macaroni I don’t usually buy.  I grabbed some pastina (for quick and easy comfort food) and orzo (for quick and easy side dishes).  
As I meal planned for this week, I found a cool recipe in Giada’s Everyday Pasta.  While we didn’t have shrimp, I thought it would make a cool side dish.  Now, you may be wondering how we ended up with saffron threads in our spice cabinet.  I mean, we are C-H-E-A-P.  Well, my dad is VERY generous.  And he likes good food.  Dad- this recipe was a winner.  Thanks! 
First, I brought 3 cups of broth and 1 cup of water to a boil.  Why the mix?  Because I forgot to defrost another jar of broth, simple as that.  
When it was boiled, I added some saffron threads and let them simmer.  When they had released a good amount of flavor, I added in a box of orzos, along with some parsley, salt, and pepper.  
That’s it!  To reheat it, I added some water, salt, and butter.  John helped out BIG time with the rest of dinner… pork and balsamic roasted asparagus!
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