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Fermenting Again!

It’s so nice to have the energy to devote to creating.  We haven’t started any fermented veggies in FOREVER, so I tackled that today. 
First on the list?  Dill Pickles.  Don’t the cucumbers look so pretty in the jars?
We had fresh dill from our last CSA delivery, so I added that to the jars, along with sea salt, mustard seed, and whey.  
The other thing I got fermenting was a sauerkraut concoction.  I started out shredding a head of cabbage and 2 apples.  I read in a few different places that adding apples will give it a different taste, so I am trying it out. 
It needed more color, so I added in a ton of carrots.
I sprinkled salt on top to get the juice out of the produce.
After mixing it together and letting it sit for a little while, I smushed it all up.
Into the jars it went, with some whey and water!
Since our house is relatively chilly, it will take more than a few days for them to get going, so I’ll keep you posted!

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Apple Chips

We were recently gifted with a ton of apples.  No, not really a TON, but lots of apples!  Now, we love apples, but after a week or so, we realized that they wouldn’t all be eaten fresh before they went bad.  I decided to try drying them.
Now, in a perfect world, I would have a dehydrator.  Or an oven that went below 170*.  And maybe one of these:
Alas, I have none.  I wasn’t about to let that stop me, no siree!  I started with 9 apples and went to town.
Coring them…
Peeling them…
Yes, I know I could leave the peels on.  I don’t care for the taste of the peels on the dried apples.  Don’t worry, I saved them for something, you’ll see!
 Finally, I chopped them into pieces that were small enough to fit into the food processor and then sliced them thin with the machine.
Onto the baking sheets they went.  It took 4 huge sheets to fit them all!
I set the oven to the lowest temperature I have (170*) and went to town.  Whenever I had to leave, I just shut the oven.  I took them out whenever I had to cook something else.  I taste tested throughout the process.  Once they were crunchy and dry, I decided they were done.  
I stuck them in a jar, and have been snacking on them.  They went into yogurt, onto peanut butter sandwiches, and straight into my mouth.

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