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Cheesey-Creamy Shrimp and Veggie Dish

I didn’t put the names of the veggies used in this dish into the title on purpose.  It is a yummy meal or side dish and could be made with a variety of vegetables and I didn’t want anyone to write it off because I chose to make it with turnips.  For many people (including my father… sorry Dad!), turnips constitute an automatic no-go.  I beg you to try the recipe anyway, changing the veggies if need be.  If you can, though, try the turnips.  You can’t even really tell they are turnips!
On to the recipe…
First, I chopped up carrots and turnips and simmered them in a little chicken broth to make them nice and soft.
I took them out of the pan and set them aside while I did the next step.  I sauteed onion and celery in butter until tender.  
I set THAT aside and sauteed shrimp in butter.
When they were ready, I added in the celery and onion mix along with a little flour, salt, and pepper.
When it was mixed together, I added in about a cup and a half of milk and the broth the root veggies cooked in to the pan.
I cooked it down until it was nice and thick.
When it was thick enough to coat the spoon, I shredded in lots and lots of cheddar cheese.
Topped with a little fresh parsley, this was so tasty and filling.  I would DEFINITELY make it again.
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Celery and Potato Gratin

For some reason I ended up with lots of celery in the fridge.  That, along with a bunch of other things I had lying around the kitchen, became the side dish for the steak-n-kale salad I posted about on Monday.  
I made this in two parts.  First I made the breadcrumb topping and then I made the veggie mix.  It was good, because I was able to do it all in one dutch oven, but it had a down side. The topping was so good I kept snacking on it!
This recipe started the way most do (at least in my world).  I chopped a bunch of onions and sauteed them.
 When they were soft, I added in butter, breadcrumbs, garlic powder, and salt.  
 Then, I added in a few pieces of torn up toast. 
I added more olive oil and butter until it was brown and toasty.  
The topping was done.  It  was all scooped out into a separate dish and I started work on the veggies.  The celery was sliced and added to the dutch oven with chicken stock, salt, and rosemary.
When all the celery was softening, I added in a jar of cream of nothing soup and some more broth.
When it started to thicken, I added thinly sliced potatoes.
When the potatoes were coated with the sauce, I added in fresh scallions and shredded cheese.
Last, but not least, the bread crumb and onion topping was spooned on top and covered with shredded Parmesan cheese.
I baked it at 400* until it was dark brown and gooey.
 I know it doesn’t look to appetizing, but trust me, it was heavenly!
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Clean out the… Soup!

Growing up, one of my favorite dinners was “Clean out the Fridge.”  Nothing was planned and we foraged for leftovers and threw together whatever we wanted.  This soup was inspired by this concept.
John was feeling a cold come on, so I wanted to make soup.  I was thinking of chicken and rice soup, his favorite, but we didn’t have chicken or rice.  We didn’t really have much in the house.  You know what we DID have?  LENTILS!
I threw them in a pot full of chicken stock to cook while I figured out what else should go in there.  
Onions!  Yeah!  I sauteed onions in butter.
What else…. Hmmm…. Carrots!  Celery!  They went into the butter as well.
I checked on the lentils, and added in some macaroni and more broth.  Then they were all cooked up, the sauteed veggies went into the pot.  The result?