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I’m back… with steak salad!

Hi!  Long time, no see!  After spending the last 2 months snuggling on this little face…
I’m back!  
I’ll be posting again as regularly as I can, starting today with a quick steak and kale salad I threw together the other night. 
I sliced up some steak thinly and brushed it with garlic olive oil.  Then, I threw it on the cast iron grill pan.
While it cooked, I threw together Russian Kale, olive oil, lemon juice and salt.  I meant to take a picture, but I got distracted.
Yeah, I am going to be shamelessly adding baby pictures…
Anyway, once the steak was cooked, but rare, I threw it on top of the kale salad.  So quick and easy!
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Macaroni Monday: Chicken and Broccoli Fettuccine Alfredo

One of John’s favorite meals is Fettuccine Alfredo.  I never really made it in the past, because that much dairy rarely agreed with my stomach.  Once we switched over to raw, grassfed dairy, my belly stopped having temper tantrums, but I forgot all about poor John’s favorite.  Until… I ordered cream and decided to take the plunge.  I used this recipe for the sauce, mostly. 
First, I melted down tons of butter.
Then, I smushed up lots of garlic and added it to the butter.
When it smelled delicious, I added in the raw milk cream and warmed it up.
While this was going in, I cut up some chicken thighs.  Usually, I buy whole chickens because they are more cost effective, but sometimes the thighs are a good price so I grab them for a special dinner.  The can be used the same way breasts are used, but are much, much juicier.
Back to the meal.  I melted down some chicken fat that I skimmed off of the top of stock in a separate pan from the sauce.
When it was nice and hot, I added the chicken to the pan.
 After the chicken was cooked, I added in some frozen broccoli.
At this point, the macaroni was cooked, the sauce was cooked, and the chicken/broccoli mixture was cooked.  The only thing left to do was mix it together!
I left the heat on low for a few minutes to help the sauce marry the other ingredients. 
I served it up with tons of parmesean cheese and a kale/tomato salad.  Mmmmm!


Post-Thanksgiving Recovery

Hello All!
I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving feast.  I know I did!
Food on the day after Thanksgiving usually consists of leftovers.  I get that!  I don’t know about you, but sometimes, my tummy is just on overload by the end of the day.  I want something crisp and fresh and light.  Enter-Massaged Kale.  
This is probably my favorite veggie/salad meal.  I eat it weekly at least.  I sit down and eat an entire head of kale because I can’t stop.  It is my version of Pringles.  Once I pop, I CAN’T STOP!!
How to make it?  Clean a head of kale and rip it into bite-sized pieces.

Mix together olive oil and Apple Cider Vinegar at a 3:1 ratio.  For 1 head of kale, I use 3 T EVOO, 1 T ACV.  Also, add salt to taste. 
Whisk it up and pour it onto the kale.  Here is the important part.  Get in there with your hands.  Make sure each kale piece is rubbed up with dressing.  The leaves will turn into a deeper green color when they are adequately massaged.  I know it seems like extra work, but that is what makes it so delicious.  It softens the leaves and helps them absorb the flavor.  The whole head only takes me a minute or 2, so its not that much more work, anyway.
See that nice, deep green?  It is SO GOOD.  I eat it like potato chips, literally not stopping until it is empty.  
Hopefully this will help you enjoy all the post-Thanksgiving leftovers without feeling overwhelmed.

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Linguine with Calamari and Garlic

One tradition here at Crest Cottage is Monday Macs.  We have macaroni on many Mondays here.  It makes meal planning so much easier for us to know what type of food we will have on a certain day.  Don’t get me wrong, we deviate from that, but our fall-back is always Monday Macs.  
We keep it interesting by always changing up the way we have it.  This week?  Linguini with Calamari and Garlic!  Check out the ingredients:
Linguini (duh)
Bread Crumbs
Anchovies (don’t let that scare you, please!!)
Frozen Calamari
Sea Salt
To start, set aside a pot of water that is salty like the ocean to boil.  Then, add some sea salt to a pan, and add the sliced up garlic.
Smash the daylights out of the garlic. 
Add some butter and saute the garlic until you can smell the deliciousness.  Then add defrosted frozen calamari or fresh cut into rings.  We had the remnants of a bag of frozen in the freezer.  That is actually what prompted this meal.  I was trying to make room in the freezer and that bag was annoying me.  Whoever said necessity was the mother of invention was wrong.  Annoyance is. 
While the calamari is bathing in the garlic (wish I could bathe in garlic butter… or at least swim in it….), mash up a can of anchovies.  I know, I know, it sounds scary… ANNNN-CHOOOO-VIEEES.  They aren’t.  Especially in this dish.  The calamari already makes it vaguely fishy, so you don’t notice any from the anchovies.  They just add a dimension of saltiness and depth of flavor.  Try it.
Add the anchovies to the garlicky goodness.  and yes, I am aware of how weird the mashed anchovies look. 
When everything seems good and garlicky, add in the washed kale.  You might need to add a bit more butter at this point. 
The kale will quickly wilt down and absorb the flavors.  Add some more butter (I love butter!) and the some bread crumbs, parsley, and any other seasonings you would like. 
Since you hopefully added the linguine to the pot when it boiled, you now have cooked macaroni to serve this amazing meal with.  Enjoy it!
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