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2012 Green Goals

A few of my Green Goals for 2012:
1) Fill our spare freezer with home made ingredients (stock, macaroni sauce, breads, “convenience foods” from scratch, etc)
2) Grow a portion of our food in our garden.  We tried one last summer (our first at Crest Cottage), but I was pregnant and sick and not any help at all.  We got some cucumbers and tomatoes, and John had some success with garlic and potatoes, but not much of anything else.  This year we are going in with a better plan of attack.  Hopefully the baby will like to be outside!
3) Create an herb garden that can be brought inside for the winter.
4) Remember to actually USE the bags in my car.
5) Make some more cleaners at home (and find more uses for my current baking soda/white vinegar/essential oils/castile soap)
That seems like a manageable amount of goals to start with.  What are yours?
Great Food for Thought!

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