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New Pureed Veggies

One of the things I love about having our produce delivered is that I am constantly surprised by the varieties of the veggies in the mixes.  We are forced to be creative every. single. week.  This week, we had kohlrabi and sunchoke to play with.  In the past, I had made a kohlrabi salad type thing, but it has been really cold here in NJ and I wanted to make something warmer.  Enter:  Root Veggie Puree.
I didn’t peel the kohlrabi, but I did peel the sunchoke.  Fun fact about sunchoke that my mom shared with me: It is also called Jerusalem Artichoke, but not because of the city, but because the Italian words for sunflower sounded like Jerusalem.  Thanks, mom!
I chopped both veggies up into pieces and then boiled them in salty water until they were tender. 
In the meantime, I sauteed up onions and garlic.
When the root veggies were done, I put it all into the blender with some olive oil and the cream from the top of the milk.
I blended it until it was smooth, served it with steak John made, and took the LEAST flattering picture of it possible.  You’re Welcome. 
As blah as this picture is, the food was actually delicious.  It is definitely something I would make again.

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