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Trimming the Tree with Eggnog

This past weekend we trimmed the tree!  
Trimming the tree for the first time in our new house calls for a special holiday drink… EGGNOG-Nourished style!
I saw the recipe here, and was SO EXCITED to try it.   I had to make some tweaks, though, because:
1)John thought he didn’t like eggnog
2)We didn’t have cream
3)We didn’t have nutmeg
4)I didn’t want to use all of our eggs/milk
I started our recipe with 2.5 egg yolks.  I am saving the whites and 1/2 yolk to be used in fried rice later this week.  
Check out that yolk color.  You just can’t get that from grocery store eggs.  Anyway, they were blended until they were a little frothy. 
The other ingredients were mixed together separately from the eggs:
1/4 cup maple syrup
Pinch of sea salt
1 T of whey leftover from yogurt making
A few squeezes of a Meyer lemon
1 T of vanilla
A few sprinkles of Cinnamon
When the eggs were frothy, this was mixed in.  Then, 2 cups of raw milk were added.  I didn’t shake the milk first, so some of the cream that had risen to the top went in, too.
When the whole concoction was frothy, I poured it out into mugs. 
The verdict?  YUM!  I think the cinnamon and vanilla won John over.  It would definitely be better the cream, but it was a great addition to the holiday season, anyway!
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