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Citrus Rainbow

Recently we received rainbow chard in our produce delivery, and I didn’t want to prepare it in my usual way (sauteed with garlic and onions).  A quick search revealed this recipe, which I had most of the ingredients for.  Yay!  A jumping-off point!
I gathered up all the ingredients.  I didn’t have enough rainbow chard, so I added in a small head of red cabbage.  That turned out to be the best decision of the meal!
To start, I chopped up a tangerine and onion and sauteed them in olive oil. 
While that cooked, I removed the stems of the chard and chopped it.
When the onion/tangerine mix was done, I added 2 tablespoons of rice wine vinegar and the stems.
While THAT cooked, I sliced up the purple cabbage and added it in.
 The last thing left to slice was the chard leaves.  I cut them once in half and then rolled them up.
Then, I sliced them all up at once.  It gave me ribbons quickly.
They went into the pan with all of the other colorful veggies.
When the chard wilted, I added a little more vinegar, and some salt and pepper.  We ate it with salmon, and it was so beautiful… and TASTY!


Fermenting Again!

It’s so nice to have the energy to devote to creating.  We haven’t started any fermented veggies in FOREVER, so I tackled that today. 
First on the list?  Dill Pickles.  Don’t the cucumbers look so pretty in the jars?
We had fresh dill from our last CSA delivery, so I added that to the jars, along with sea salt, mustard seed, and whey.  
The other thing I got fermenting was a sauerkraut concoction.  I started out shredding a head of cabbage and 2 apples.  I read in a few different places that adding apples will give it a different taste, so I am trying it out. 
It needed more color, so I added in a ton of carrots.
I sprinkled salt on top to get the juice out of the produce.
After mixing it together and letting it sit for a little while, I smushed it all up.
Into the jars it went, with some whey and water!
Since our house is relatively chilly, it will take more than a few days for them to get going, so I’ll keep you posted!

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I have no idea which is the correct spelling.  All I know is that is is lacto-fermented, delicious, and in my kitchen. What else is it?
Cabbage and carrots leftover in the food processor.
Lots of oregano, sea salt, and some whey. 
 I smashed it all down until it formed some liquid.  
Into the jar it went, and then the jar was filled up to the tippy-top with filtered water.  
A week later:
Super bubbly and delicious!  In addition, John had a stuffy nose and after he ate some, he said, “WOW!  This really helped open up my nose!”  Win!

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Teriyaki Salmon with Noodles

So, this recipe?  Kind of a fail.  Not a HUGE fail, like this or this… or this, but a fail nonetheless.  Part of the problem, I think, was the marinade.
You see, I was sort of following a recipe and it called for marinating salmon in teriyaki sauce with extra ginger and scallions.  I was happy because I wanted to finish up the teriyaki sauce we had since it had some ingredients I wasn’t crazy about. 
So, I threw the salmon on a dish and covered it with teriyaki marinade, some grated ginger, and some scallion-ish things.
Then, since I didn’t read the directions, I cooked it just like that.  I baked it.  In the oven.  With all the sauce.  
Then, I read the directions and found out that the marinade was supposed to turn into the sauce.  Oops.  Lesson learned?  Read the recipe and retain it before you begin. 
So, I had to use more of the teriyaki sauce to make the sauce itself.   I added ginger, soy sauce, rice vinegar, scallions, and some garlic to the teriyaki and brought it to a simmer.  
 Next, the yummy step!  I shredded up some cabbage and carrots and added it to the sauce with peas!
Yayyyy!!!!!!!  Hahaha, sorry I was just excited about something working!  Anyway, that deliciousness got mixed together with some macaroni.
Ehh.  It was okay.  The sauce was too thin even after I thickened it up with some corn starch.  


Ferments, Ferments, Ferments…

So far, my lactofermenting endeavors have been… less than impressive.  The pickles were too sweet and the wrong type of cukes, and the beet kvass (STILL) tastes like salty beet juice.  Hopefully, this latest attempt (Saurkraut) will be a success. 
It was pretty easy to make. I shredded 1/2 of this head of cabbage 
and 2 smallish cabbage and an onion in the food processor.
Then, I put the cabbage mix into a huge bowl, sprinkled it with 2 T sea salt, and mashed it with a potato masher.
After that, I grabbed 2 quart mason jars, put 1/8 of a cup of whey in each (total of 1/4 whey).  
They jars were topped off with some filtered water, and left to ferment…
They have been sitting in my kitchen for about a week.  Our house is kept at 63* when we are home, 53* when we are not and at night, so it is pretty cold for things to ferment.  I have kept this concoction on the dishwasher or on the stove most of the time, so they are kept a bit warmer.  At this point, there are some tiiiiiiiiiny little itty bitty bubbles forming and floating up to the top, so I’m pretty sure that is a good thing.  
Now, for the teeny issue I didn’t consider when I started this project.  It might affect my opinion on the outcome.  
I don’t like the smell or the taste of saurkraut. 
If you have made your own in the past, how did the taste/smell compare to the conventional stuff?