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Best Breakfast Ever.

Best breakfast ever.  I beat 3 eggs up and poured them in a buttered pan.
When they were starting to set, I chopped up some leftover BBQed steak and shredded cheese, and threw it on top.
 I folded it over, let it finish cooking, and enjoyed it with my favorite treat… Strawberries in heavy cream!


Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Pops

The strawberries we have been getting from our CSA are so delicious.  I probably eat a pint on the drive home!  Luckily, they are having a great year for strawberries and there are always plenty to go around.  
 I wanted to make some into frozen yogurt.  I didn’t really make a specific recipe.  I just put a bunch of strawberries into the blender with yogurt…
Blended it…
Poured it into the ice cream maker…
And froze it!
Unfortunately, I found it a little too icy for my taste.  I still wanted to eat it, though, so I let it melt in the fridge.
I poured the melted no-longer-fro-yo into ice pop molds and refroze it…. Perfect!  It was a great pre-work snack!