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Quinoa and Carrot Top Soup

Yes, I know it is summer and soup is the last thing you want to make.  That’s okay.  I am going to share it anyway and you can store it away in your memory bank until the next time you get carrots with the tops on and have no idea how to use them.  You’ll thank me then!
This is one of the easiest soups to make.  First, saute carrots and onions in butter or olive oil.  If you have any other veggies (like celery!), add it in.
Then, add in carrot tops and let them suck up the buttery goodness.
Throw rinsed/soaked uncooked quinoa on top.
Fill the rest of the pot with chicken broth and let it cook down.  Serve over tasty bread (sourdough?) and top with cheese!


Black Bean, Chicken, and Cilantro Soup

While summer has officially started, the weather here has been weird.  We had a few scorchers (when the frozen yogurt pops came in handy!) followed by crazy thunderstorms.  Some of them were warm, but there were some unseasonably cool days, too.  I had cilantro from our produce delivery and wasn’t quite sure what to make with it.  When I stumbled upon this recipe, it seemed perfect.  Of course, i was missing some of the ingredients, so I improvised.
I used dry beans to make this soup, so I started the prep well in advance.  I make a whole bag when I cook beans and freeze the rest for later.   Once the beans were cooked, I started on the soup itself.  After browning  onions in oil and butter, I seasoned them with cumin, garlic powder, celery salt, and red pepper flakes.  Then, I added in a pint of leftover crushed tomatoes, a pint of concentrated chicken stock and some water.
It cooked down for quite a while.  Once it was pretty thick, I added in 3 cups of black beans and 2 cups of leftover crockpot roasted chicken.
I let that cook for a little while, and then added lots of cilantro on top.
Once it was cooked up, I served it with a copious amount of shredded cheese on top.  That was my favorite part!
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Carrot Potato Soup

Yet another warm and yummy soup for this chilly winter.  I have really been on a roll with making soups using the new immersion blender.  It’s so much fun!  This particular soup was just a mix of veggies we had lying around.  Onion and Garlic, of course…
and carrots and potatoes!
While I chopped them up, I defrosted 2 cups of chicken stock
When it was all melted, I added in all the veggies and some sea salt and let it all cook up.
When the veggies were nice and soft, I blended them all together with the immersion blender.
I stirred in some milk and butter to make it extra tasty!
This soup was a great way to use up extra veggies!
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Tomato Bisque and Spinach-Beet Salad

John tried tomato bisque for the first time and LOVED it.  Of course, I knew I could make it easily at home, so I tried it.  
To start, I sauteed some lightly crushed garlic in butter.  
Then, I added in some sliced leeks and onions and let it cook until soft.
I sprinkled the mix with some fresh thyme, and it smelled so good!
Into the pot went 1 big can of whole peeled tomatoes, 2 cups of chicken broth, and some salt.  I let that cook for about 15 minutes.
I didn’t have any cream, aside from what was on the top of the milk, so I used rice to thicken the soup.  1/4 cup went into the pot with some balsamic vinegar and cooked until it was tender.
When it was all cooked up, I used my immersion blender to mix it.  Actually, John mixed it.  Thanks, John!
In a bowl with shaved cheese and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar?  It looked beautiful!
We ate it with a spinach-beet-goat cheese salad and cranberry dressing.  Yum!
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Egg Drop-ish Soup

I’ve been fighting a cold (apparently I can’t grow a baby AND fight germs at the same time) so I decided to make soup.  I wanted to fill up on some yummy and healing chicken broth and John loves soup… WIN-WIN!
I had a weird feeling that John wanted eggs for dinner (turns out I was right, he did) so I decided to try a variation on egg-drop soup.  Before I could do anything, though, I had to defrost some chicken broth.  6 cups worth, to be exact.
While they got to work, I sauteed carrots, celery, onions, garlic, and green onions in butter.  
When they were soft-ish and delish, I added in leftover turkey that I had frozen from Thanksgiving.
By the time that was done, the broth was nice and hot.  I added the pan of veggies-n-poultry to the broth.
I added in some soy sauce, ginger, and sesame oil and brought it to a boil.
As I waited for it to boil, I scrambled up 5 eggs.
Now here was the tough part… I had to sloooooooowly pour the eggs into the boiling soup.
It boiled for a little longer…
… and then was ready to enjoy!

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Butternut Soup

Continuing with our soup trend, the next thing I made was Butternut Squash soup.  It was made easy because I chopped up the onions, carrots, and celery when I made yesterday’s soup.  
I sauteed onions, carrots, celery, and sweet potatoes in bacon grease.  
I added in a jar of butternut squash, and a ton of chicken broth and brought it to a simmer.  Just before it was time to serve it, I added in some raw milk, cinnamon, and sea salt.  
The verdict? Not too pretty to look at, decent taste.  Nothing I would make again, but it served a purpose. 


New England Clam Chowder

John loves soup and I don’t make it all that much.  As winter starts to wind down, I figured I better start soupin’ it up!  The first?  New England Clam Chowder.
I love this soup.  It is probably my favorite kind of soup, but I have always been too scared to try and make it myself.  You know what?  That is silly!  It was really easy to make.  I combined a whole bunch of recipes to create this. 
First, I sauteed some onions and garlic in bacon grease.  Our house smelled amazing.  
I added in carrots, celery, and potatoes and let it all saute.  
When it was all bacon-ey, I added 2 cans of clams with the liquid. 
When THAT was warm, I covered it with raw milk and some grass-fed butter.  
It warmed up pretty quickly, and I watched it to make sure it didn’t boil.  It was so good!  I could have used some cream, but I only had a little on the top of the milk on hand.  This is definitely going in our meal rotation!

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Crockpot Beef Stew

Always on the lookout for crockpot recipes that use ingredients we have on hand.  This recipe popped onto my radar recently, and it was perfect for me to tweak and use. 
I started off by chopping up 1 onion, 3 potatoes, 3 stalks of celery, 3 carrots, and some garlic cloves and throwing them into the crockpot. 
Then, I mixed about a pound and a half of grassfed stew beef with some flour, salt, and pepper. 
It went into the crockpot and I poured the liquids in.  What liquids, you ask?  
1 cup of tomato sauce and nearly 3 cups of red wine.
It cooked on low for about 7 hours.  Then, when it was almost ready, I mixed up 1/3 cup of flour with water to make a slurry, or thick mixture. 
I took a little of the liquid out of the crockpot and mixed it in.
It was mixed back into the crockpot to help it thicken up.  After about another 1/2 hour it was ready to serve.  
Served over rice?  DELISH!
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Clean out the… Soup!

Growing up, one of my favorite dinners was “Clean out the Fridge.”  Nothing was planned and we foraged for leftovers and threw together whatever we wanted.  This soup was inspired by this concept.
John was feeling a cold come on, so I wanted to make soup.  I was thinking of chicken and rice soup, his favorite, but we didn’t have chicken or rice.  We didn’t really have much in the house.  You know what we DID have?  LENTILS!
I threw them in a pot full of chicken stock to cook while I figured out what else should go in there.  
Onions!  Yeah!  I sauteed onions in butter.
What else…. Hmmm…. Carrots!  Celery!  They went into the butter as well.
I checked on the lentils, and added in some macaroni and more broth.  Then they were all cooked up, the sauteed veggies went into the pot.  The result? 


Turkey and Rice Soup

Now that you have seen the awesome bread bowls I made, here is the super easy soup that went with them! 
1.  Bring Turkey stock and brown rice to a boil in a big pot.
2.  When the rice is tender, add a bunch of turkey leftover from making stock.  
3.  Add in chopped up carrots and chopped up celery.  Other ingredients are totally allowed, but that’s all I felt like putting in.  Season as needed.
4.  Serve in a bread bowl, perhaps with John’s favorite garlic bread and a salad. 
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