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Fermenting Again!

It’s so nice to have the energy to devote to creating.  We haven’t started any fermented veggies in FOREVER, so I tackled that today. 
First on the list?  Dill Pickles.  Don’t the cucumbers look so pretty in the jars?
We had fresh dill from our last CSA delivery, so I added that to the jars, along with sea salt, mustard seed, and whey.  
The other thing I got fermenting was a sauerkraut concoction.  I started out shredding a head of cabbage and 2 apples.  I read in a few different places that adding apples will give it a different taste, so I am trying it out. 
It needed more color, so I added in a ton of carrots.
I sprinkled salt on top to get the juice out of the produce.
After mixing it together and letting it sit for a little while, I smushed it all up.
Into the jars it went, with some whey and water!
Since our house is relatively chilly, it will take more than a few days for them to get going, so I’ll keep you posted!

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Taste of Yum (John Style)

I always show you what I cook, but I rarely share John’s recipes… mostly because he doesn’t like me to take pictures while he is cooking.  Regardless, I snap away at the finished meals.  
By snap away, I mean quickly grab a photo before he notices.  
Some of John’s recent creations:
Pizza with vodka sauce and raw milk cheddar (with cookies on the side)
Hake and balsamic roasted asparagus
Sardine, tomato, cheese, and other stuff salad
Lacto-Fermented Daikon Radishes
I need to get better at snapping pictures of things that he cooks.  I mean, he is in charge of dinner on Thursdays, and all meals on the weekends.  I help out, but he is the boss.  Everything he makes is really tasty, and I want to share it with you!


Pickle Success!

I haven’t talked about our lacto-fermentation in a while.  We have still been working on a number of projects.  Check out the pickles!
4 little cukes in a jar:
Covered in salt, dill, mustard seed, and whey:
We covered it with filtered water and waited about a week.  
It worked!  They were definitely pickled, although I need to adjust the seasonings a bit.
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Lacto-Fermented Ginger Drink!

I hesitate to call this ginger ale, because although it is bubbly and gingery (and sometimes sweet), it doesn’t taste like store-bought ginger ale.  This drink was part of the lacto-fermenting frenzy we were on not too long ago.  I just realized that I never posted about it!  
The hardest part of this drink, other than waiting for it to be ready, was getting the ginger ready.  First, I peeled it (I need to do some research to see if this is actually necessary), and then I sliced it into teeny tiny pieces.  
Then, I mixed it together with the juice of a lemon, 1/4 cup whey, 2 t sea salt, and a squirt of honey.  
I poured the mixture into jars…
 and filled them with water.  
 We let it sit for a few days.  It didn’t get bubbly like some of our other ferments, but that’s okay, I guess.  We serve it mixed with seltzer.  Typically, we do 1/3 ginger, 2/3 seltzer.  
We served this to John’s dad (sweetened with sucanat)!  He liked it, and he is a big, BIG fan of store-bought ginger ale.  Win!

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Goat Cheese and Apple Quesadillas

I made tortillas a few days ago in preparation for our quesadilla extravaganza.  I knew I wanted mine with goat cheese.  Well, I knew I was going to have it with goat cheese because it was the only cheese in the house.  I took that idea and ran with it.  
Goat Cheese.
Thinly sliced apples. 
Onions.  I would have preferred to have them cooked, maybe even caramelized, but I didn’t think of that in advance and was NOT waiting to do it now.  I was HUUUUUNGRY!
Quesadilla Maker.
Served with red beans and rice and cortido?  Yeah, man!



I have no idea which is the correct spelling.  All I know is that is is lacto-fermented, delicious, and in my kitchen. What else is it?
Cabbage and carrots leftover in the food processor.
Lots of oregano, sea salt, and some whey. 
 I smashed it all down until it formed some liquid.  
Into the jar it went, and then the jar was filled up to the tippy-top with filtered water.  
A week later:
Super bubbly and delicious!  In addition, John had a stuffy nose and after he ate some, he said, “WOW!  This really helped open up my nose!”  Win!

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Beef Sorta Stir Fry

One of our favorite take-out foods in Chinese Food.  Unfortunately, now that our bodies are no longer used to junk, Chinese take-out doesn’t love us.  I have been trying to recreate things, and most have failed.  This particular dish doesn’t taste like take out, but it is reminiscent of it. 
I started by sauteeing onions and garlic in butter.  Most of my recipes start like that. 
I added in some grass-fed beef that I sliced up pretty thinly. 
Once it was starting to brown, I added in some celery. 
 When the meat was just about cooked, I added an egg to one side of the pan and fried it up.
By then, it was time for the sauce!  It is just a 3:1.5 mix of soy sauce and rice wine vinegar.  That’s it!
The fast-cooking ingredients were added in last… mushrooms and beet greens!
Just  before I was ready to serve it, I added in some cooked rice.  
Now, normally, I would add in carrots when I added the celery, and ginger when I added the sauce.  THIS time, I just added the lactofermented ginger carrots on top at the end!