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Bacon Pancakes

I used the pancake batter mix to make bacon pancakes and let me tell you… 
I had to start out with cooked bacon, so I threw some slices into the cast iron pan. 
While they cooked, I mixed together 2 cups of pancake mix with 2 eggs and 1 cup of milk.
When the bacon was cooked, I slapped it onto the electric griddle.
Around each slice of bacon, I poured pancake batter.
The best part (other than eating it with a little maple syrup) was the bacon-ey flavor left on the griddle.  I cooked up the rest of the pancake batter on it and they were out of this world.

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Easter Eve Breakfast

In our house, I cook during the week (except for the nights I work late) and John cooks on the weekend.  He is especially good at whipping up weekend breakfasts.  That is a good thing, because by Saturday morning, I am too exhausted to even crack an egg.  This past weekend, he made a simple feast that was SO good I had to share.  
Runny fried eggs cooked in bacon grease, crusty bread toasted with sausage grease, bacon, and strawberries. 
I’ll tell you the secret ingredient to his yummy eggs, but you have to PROMISE not to tell!  He sprinkles the eggs with salt and CINNAMON!

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