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Turkey and Rice Soup


Now that you have seen the awesome bread bowls I made, here is the super easy soup that went with them! 
1.  Bring Turkey stock and brown rice to a boil in a big pot.
2.  When the rice is tender, add a bunch of turkey leftover from making stock.  
3.  Add in chopped up carrots and chopped up celery.  Other ingredients are totally allowed, but that’s all I felt like putting in.  Season as needed.
4.  Serve in a bread bowl, perhaps with John’s favorite garlic bread and a salad. 
This post was featured on Fight Back Friday at Food Renegade!

5 thoughts on “Turkey and Rice Soup

  1. This soup sounds really good and I have been in a soup mood with the cold temps we have had.


  2. Looks delish! Really like the bread bowl, too!

  3. Looks delish! Really like the bread bowl, too!

  4. Your bread bowl soup looks delicious!

  5. So funny . . . I followed you here the kind comment you left this morning, and I made turkey and rice soup last night! Same basic idea, except mine had a good dose of onion. Love your bread bowl; it elevates the humble dish.

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