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Macaroni Monday: Spinach, Shrimp, and Beans


Happy Monday!  This Macaroni Monday recipe is quick and easy.  
1.  Melt butter in pan
2.  Cook shrimp in butter and garlic
3.  Add more butter and garlic (roasted if you have any lying around)
4.  Add spinach
5.  Add beans
6.  Put shrimp back in and season as desired (I just used some sea salt and butter)
7.  Serve over macaroni (or rice… or quinoa… or anything, really) and enjoy!
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3 thoughts on “Macaroni Monday: Spinach, Shrimp, and Beans

  1. Looks fabulous, and it's pescatarian friendly!!!

  2. I love fast and easy recipes! This is what I call “real food, real fast”. It is perfect the perfect way to feed your family a nutritious meal on a busy night. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Like Alea, I love fast and easy recipes too! Your Spinach and Shrimp dish looks delicious, and I love how healthy it is too. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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