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Macaroni and Greens

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One of the ways I make sure that I have everything prepped, cut, defrosted, and ready to cook is to meal plan.  The hardest part of that is deciding what to eat each day.  I am a VERY indecisive person, you know!  Having set ideas for each day does make it easier.  For instance, we have Pizza Fridays and Monday Macaroni.  It may seem simple, but it helps.
This Monday Mac was quick, simple, and delish.  It started with onions and garlic sauteed in butter, as most good things do.
When it smelled good, I added in the leaves from some beets and kohlrabi.  I love being able to use the “garbage” parts of food.
They cooked down quite quickly, and were soon ready to go.
I added in a little salt and some breadcrumbs.
After mixing it all together, it was plated with macaroni and some more butter.  Quick and easy!
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One thought on “Macaroni and Greens

  1. Meal plan – Pizza Fridays and Monday Macaroni. You are so cute, you're gunna be such a great mom!

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