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Leftover Casserole Supreme

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If you know my kitchen habits at all, you know that I love to cook with leftovers.  Combining our limited finances with my love of experimentation, leftover cooking is the very picture of why I love to cook.  This week, I invented a casserole that John wanted to marry.  No, really.  He said that it was so good he wanted to marry it so he could have it all the time.  I replied that he married ME, and I made it, so he COULD have it all the time.  His reply?  “Not ALLLL the time.” 
The leftover elements in this?  Macaroni from the liver meal and seasoned ground beef from the quesadillas.  Oh yeah, and bacon grease.  The other easy ingredient was Cream of Nothing Soup.
I started out by defrosting some Cream of Nothing Soup
I shredded in 1/4 lb of raw pecan jack cheese and sprinkled in some salt.
The night before I sauteed 3 shredded up onions in bacon grease leftover from breakfast
I added in a ton of home made breadcrumbs to the onions and let them brown up. 
Once the “cooking” was done, I mixed together the leftover macaroni and the leftover ground beef.
I poured the now-cheesy cream of nothing soup mix on top and stirred.
Then, the onion/breadcrumb mix was smoothed on top.
John baked it at 350* for about 20 minutes.
Then, the finishing touch!  Extra cheese grated and sliced on top, then broiled.
With a little salad on the side?  MmmMMm!!!

One thought on “Leftover Casserole Supreme

  1. Anything with cream of nothing soup is good!

    I like using leftovers in fun, new ways, too.

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