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Chinese Food Take-Out Chicken ::UPDATE::


After trying to make the Chinese Food Take-Out Chicken last week, I decided I wanted to try it fried.  You know, see how close it was to the real deal.  
I coated the chicken with an egg, flour, cornstarch mixture.  
Then, I fried it in coconut oil.  
When it was done, I let it drain and then tried it.
This was it.  It was a more delicious version of take out Chinese Food.  It had a crispy outside and a moist, amazing inside.  
The sauce I used was nothing to write home about, so I will not be sharing it.  The chicken without the sauce could have used some salt, but soy sauce has enough as it is, so if you are using a soy sauce-based sauce, don’t salt it!

2 thoughts on “Chinese Food Take-Out Chicken ::UPDATE::

  1. Ooooh this looks good! I might have to try it out with some coconut flour.

  2. That looks crunchy good, I could go for some right now. At least made at home you know all the ingredients that are in the chinese food you are eating.

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