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Ginger Carrots


Another fermenting success!  YAYYY!!!!
I went on a bit of a fermenting spree last weekend.  The ginger carrots are first thing that was ready, so here they are!!
First, I shredded up a few carrots in my food processor.  
Then, I added 4 tablespoons of whey, 1 tablespoon of sea salt, and some ginger to the carrots.
I mixed it up, and then mashed it down to let the juices flow!
After it was stuffed into a jar…
I filled it nearly to the top with filtered water and let it sit for 3 days.  
Now, after 2 days, I noticed that there were quite a few bubbles.  By the third day, the the lid was starting to bulge up a little.  When I pressed on it, I could feel that there was a build up in pressure under it.  I knew it was ready at that point.  
 I didn’t know just HOW ready it really was!
It kept rising, spilling over the top of the jar!! I hope all my other things turn out this well!
Oh, by the way… Taste wise?  It is yummy!!

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7 thoughts on “Ginger Carrots

  1. Your ginger carrots sound delicious! I love ginger and carrots together, but I have never fermented carrots before. I must give this a try.

  2. Hmmm, I want to try lacto-fermenting. Is there anything I could use besides whey? Would draining plain yogurt and using that whey work?

    And, what does lacto fermented food taste like? Is it tart, bitter, sour, sweet? I'm really curious 🙂

  3. Mmm, this looks really delicious! I haven't tried fermented carrots yet either, but it sounds really good. They're easy to always have on hand too, so this could become a standby. Thanks for sharing your good experience!

  4. @Zoë Hi Zoe! You should definitely try it out! I was nervous to, but now I love it! I can't really describe how it tastes… It is a different taste, but I like it. I just asked John, and he said, “Awesome.” Helpful, right?! It has a certain bite to it, and it is somewhat sour, but not really.

  5. @DanielleHi Danielle! The have already become a staple! A heaping spoonful on top of fried rice, lo mein noodles, on the side of just about anything. I love it!

  6. @Zoë: Whey isn't necessary; it will ferment without it. But, yes, you can use whey from commercial yogurt, as long as it is plain yogurt with no additives.

    Personally, I've found I like the taste better when whey is not used. To me, the whey gives it a yogurt-y taste I really don't want in my veggies. It will ferment quicker with the whey though (it gets everything going faster.)

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