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Clams Orega-NOT

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This quick and easy dinner is my lazy version of clams oreganata and macaroni in clam sauce mixed together.  
John helped out and made it WAY faster.  He smashed up 8 cloves of garlic.  I threw them into a pan with a ton of butter.  
Once the garlic was fragrant, I scooped out half of it to make the orega-not.  What’s in that, you ask?  Well, remember the hot dog bun fail?  I turned them into bread crumbs. 
Said breadcrumbs were thrown into the food processor with the garlic, 2 cans of clams (1 with the liquid, 1 without), parsley, oregano, salt, and some olive oil.  
When it was all mushed up, I put it into a Pyrex bowl and baked broiled it a bit.  
In the meantime, a ton of spinach went into the pan with the other half of the garlic. 
When it was all wilted and yummy, I took it out.
To serve, I put the orega-not on top of spaghetti with the spinach on the side.
With a little Parmesan cheese shaved on top?  Yum!

One thought on “Clams Orega-NOT

  1. Love how the fail turned out to be a win! Garlic and butter. 'Nuff said.

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