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Ferments, Ferments, Ferments…


So far, my lactofermenting endeavors have been… less than impressive.  The pickles were too sweet and the wrong type of cukes, and the beet kvass (STILL) tastes like salty beet juice.  Hopefully, this latest attempt (Saurkraut) will be a success. 
It was pretty easy to make. I shredded 1/2 of this head of cabbage 
and 2 smallish cabbage and an onion in the food processor.
Then, I put the cabbage mix into a huge bowl, sprinkled it with 2 T sea salt, and mashed it with a potato masher.
After that, I grabbed 2 quart mason jars, put 1/8 of a cup of whey in each (total of 1/4 whey).  
They jars were topped off with some filtered water, and left to ferment…
They have been sitting in my kitchen for about a week.  Our house is kept at 63* when we are home, 53* when we are not and at night, so it is pretty cold for things to ferment.  I have kept this concoction on the dishwasher or on the stove most of the time, so they are kept a bit warmer.  At this point, there are some tiiiiiiiiiny little itty bitty bubbles forming and floating up to the top, so I’m pretty sure that is a good thing.  
Now, for the teeny issue I didn’t consider when I started this project.  It might affect my opinion on the outcome.  
I don’t like the smell or the taste of saurkraut. 
If you have made your own in the past, how did the taste/smell compare to the conventional stuff?

6 thoughts on “Ferments, Ferments, Ferments…

  1. Because your sauerkraut is fresh, has not been cooked (as it would be if you canned it) it will taste different than what you get at the store. There will be more crunch or maybe just a firmer texture to the cabbage. Still has that fermented flavor though, just takes some getting used to. Try eating it with something spicy like sausage, the flavors pair nicely.

    I like the addition of carrot to your kraut, I will try that next fall when it is time for me to make sauerkraut again.


  2. I make kraut every fall but I can it. I haven't had any experience eating it straight from the fermenting stage. I know it's supposed to be so good for you that way but I can't bring myself to eat it! Maybe I'll be brave next fall….

  3. I cant wait to see how this turns out, you are so adventurous!

  4. Had to laugh at your post, Jackie! I know exactly what you mean about NOT liking the taste of sauerkraut! I've been making fermented sauerkraut for several years and ONLY eat it because it is so good for me…I have to rely on my husband to let me know it is 'okay'.

  5. I give the dc a little spoonful of fermented kraut with their lunch most days and say “I love you,” while I spoon it out, lol. Youngest dd loves kraut and the olders just put up with it. On the other hand, middle dd said last time that she was starting to like it! I like it in my sandwich, on the side, or with whatever I'm eating :). They like making it but eating it is another story!

  6. It's definitely going to be different, but all fermented food is an acquired taste for westerners

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